EXILE – Pure / You’re My Sunshine [27th Single]

February 25, 2008 at 6:19 am (EXILE) (, )


EXILE’s 27th single, entitled Pure / You’re My Sunshine, was released on 02.27.08 fairly recently after the release of their latest album EXILE LOVE. All the songs on the single received tie-ins. Pure was used as the LISMO CM song while You’re My Sunshine was the theme song for the movie Team Batista no Eikou. The B-side, 変わらないモノ, also had a tie-in  as the DAIHATSU TANTO TUCOM CM song.

The first song on the track, Pure, is a sweet ballad with uptempo elements to it. The first verse features vocals more in the lower range while keeping with the music. The chorus gives the song a bit more energy with more of an uptempo approach and makes it stand apart perfectly. The vocals show strength and range as notes in the higher range are hit. The second verse is similar to the first with a little more power behind the vocals while still complimenting the music. The third verse changes up the instrumentation a bit and adds an undescribable flavor to the song. Following, the chorus is sung with the instrumentation playing less of an active role and here more emotion comes across from the vocals. Pure is a wonderful song and a great introduction to the next album’s era.

Track number two, You’re My Sunshine, is a perfect compliment to Pure. An upbeat and summery song, You’re My Sunshine captures the energy perfectly. The first and second versew feature smooth vocals that blend perfectly with the music and the higher notes that are hit are well sung. The chorus brings out the feel even more because of the instrumentation coming out a bit stronger and the vocals, which are as always strong. The third verse features the boys repatedly singing “everything’s gonna be all right” and it works perfectly in the context. The ending “sun shining bright” really brings home the sunny summery imagery associated with the song. The ending instrumentation is a wonderful finish to the song and no other way would be better. You’re My Sunshine is a wonderful pop uptempo number that has a summery feel to it and the boys performed wonderfully on it.

変わらないモノ, the B-side, is a wonderful midtempo track. The vocals during the first verse really present good emotion  and accompany the music well. The hook serves as a bridge and to the instrumentation introduces the chorus with a “climax effect.” The chorus is very beautifully sung with emotions jumping right from the vocals and the harmonization was excellent as usual. The second verse has even stronger harmonization and vocal strength than the first verse, making the song stronger as it progresses. The third verse gives the song a new energy as the instrumentation changes direction slightly and the boys follow suit perfectly. The notes that reside in the higher range are hit perfectly and effortlessly. The song ends with instrumentation for a beautiful finish.

Single Ranking: A

EXILE’s 27th single, entitled Pure / You’re My Sunshine, features different moods but all tackled with an amazing approach. Pure is a very interesting ballad with uptempo nuances that make it all the more special. You’re My Sunshine shows the sweet and poppy side of the boys, which sounds great and captures the summer feel effortlessly. 変わらないモノ is a powerful midtempo number with beautiful vocals and a wonderful instrumental. Although coming soon after the release of their latest album, the single proves that the boys haven’t lost any steam and look to continue just as strongly.

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