Arashi – Step and Go [21st Single]

February 18, 2008 at 8:25 pm (Arashi) (, )


Arashi’s 21st single, entitled Step and Go, was released on 02.20.08. Although the A-side received no tie-in, the B-Side entitled 冬を抱きしめて was used as the C1000 Lemon Water CM song.

The title track, Step and Go, is an upbeat song with a lot of energy. The opening line, “we’re gonna step and go,” sets up the rest of the song by creating a fun atmosphere. The insrumental has a video-game-like quality to it that works perfectly in the song’s favor. The first vocals are controlled and go well with the music. Lines such as “we’re gonna step and go” set themselves apart from the rest of the chorus because of their highlighted vocals, making the chorus easily the most addictive part of the song. Following the chorus is a section in which all the boys sing, which creates stronger vocal talent and great harmonization. The second chorus follows the same formula of the first verse and sounds even greater a second time around. The third verse is the strongest verse as the instrumentation takes a new turn with what sounds like a harmonica playing and smooth vocals that accomapany it perfectly. The rap is a great addition to the song and brings a new flavor that keeps it interesting.

冬を抱きしめて, the B-side, is a poppy summery song. The vocals within the chorus are a bit strange as they draw out the sounds on the endings of the words but it does keep the sound interesting. The harmony between the voices is one of the song’s biggest strengths and throughout the verses and the choruses, this is preserved. The verses are more mellow and capture the summer atmosphere very nicely. The pure instrumental section is what really stands apart from the song by the hot guitar playing and even the assisting horns. Following that instrumentation, the vocals show a little more strength during the chorus. Overall the song is a nice addition to the single and captures the summer mood very strongly.


In order to promote the single, a PV for Step and Go was made. This video is very simple and consists of different shots of the boys moving in slow motion with a white background. Some lyrics are present on the screen and the because of their way of appearance and font, there is a comic-book effect behind them. There are other scenes with all of them together but otherwise there isn’t very much. However the PV matches the fun and happy atmosphere of the song amazingly and even if the video doesn’t have much going on, it works in the context of the single.

Single Ranking: A –

Arashi’s 21st single, Step and Go, certainly is enjoyable for its happy nature and fun sound. The video-game quality of the instrumentation only adds to that sound and makes it a song to dance to. The B-side presents the sounds of summer with perfect harmonization. Overall it’s a solid single worth listening to.


  1. Karen said,

    it’s funny when I look back when this single was released in that I HATED ARASHI for pawning Ken Hirai’s Canvas / Kimi wa in the face when they put out this single at that time as I was obsessed with Ken back then .

    & now , I actually enjoyed the single & have both editions of the physical single HAHA

  2. amaiyume said,

    Honestly, I liked the song when I heard it and then was like ehh and then after listening to a lot of their songs, I came to appreciate it a lot more and now it’s one of my fav songs. It has kinda like a video-game quality, to me at least.
    I like it so hopefully Arashi will be doing more stuff like this and One Love cause that’s what I enjoy from them.

  3. Karen said,

    Personally the Sakurap (Sakurai’s rapping) is 1 of the strongest that I heard in Step and Go , for an A-side that’s . Other Sakurap’s I enjoyed singles wise are Sakura Sake , Kitto Daijoubu (but of course <3) & We can make it !

  4. amaiyume said,

    OMG I agree!!! When I first heard it, I was like ooh sounds cool in the beginning and then I was like eh…I’m getting kinda bored and then the rap section caught my attention back.
    “We’re gonna step and go!” hahaha, love it

  5. Karen said,

    Sakurap’s amazing in Step and Go *nods*

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