Hirahara Ayaka – 星つむぎの歌 [13th Single]

February 16, 2008 at 7:48 pm (Hirahara Ayaka) (, )


Hirahara Ayaka’s 13th single, entitled 星つむぎの歌, was released on 01.23.08. As her first single for the year, Ayaka certainly brought her A-game.

The title track of the single, 星つむぎの歌, is a soft relaxing ballad with a fantasy-like atmosphere. Her vocals have a breathy quality without sounding too quiet. The soft vocal approach perfectly compliments the instrumentation. During the verses, the mellow atmosphere comes strongly. The chorus stands out a little more due to the introduction through the instrumental. However with a little tweeking in the instrumental (by going to a higher pitch for a moment), it would have really made the song reach the next level. The pure instrumental section is really pretty and gives the song a perfect moment of relaxation. The only problem with the song is that the vocals maintain relatively similar throughout the song. Although they are nice, it would have been nice to see a little more power behind them. It’s a very nice listen and perfect for summer nights.

The B-side for the single, 今・ここ・私, ia a guitar driven poppish track. During the verses, a more mellow feeling is achieved. There is a very good flow into the chorus from the verses and with a simple guitar riff, the chorus sets itself apart from the verses. The chorus features some very nice vocals from Ayaka, which compliment the guitar perfectly. The pure instrumental section takes the instrumental in a nice and different direction by taking the focus away from the guitar and reaching a higher key. The song is very “nice” but doesn’t really stand out as being amazing or possessing that a drawing section.

Single Ranking: B

The arrangement for both singles is relatively simple and as a result, both produce a very mellow and relaxed vibe. Ayaka’s vocals in both songs compliment the music well but a little more vocal strength could have brought the songs to a new level. However both songs are enjoyable and the title track has a wonderful instrumental that makes the song the better of the two. This is a “nice” release from Ayaka but hopefully next time, she’ll bring an even stronger song and B-side.

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