Tohoshinki – Two hearts / WILD SOUL [17th Single] [1st TRICK Single]

February 9, 2008 at 10:19 am (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 17th single, Two hearts / Wild Soul, was released on 02.06.08. The song TRICK, from their latest studio album T, is a mash-up for five different songs. Quickly following that album was the TRICK Project in which five singles were to be released each with a solo song from each member on the single. This single features a solo song by member Changmin as the B-side and therefore is dubbed “his single.”

The opening song on the single, Two hearts, opens very nicely with what sounds like an old Japanese instrument somewhat like a guitar and sets the song up to very pretty. The little sparkling sounds really play an important part in the arrangement of the song, making the verses stand out. This is especially seen at the end of the verses, which really stand out to me. Overall the vocals of the song are nice and match pretty nicely with the music. After the verses the line “oh baby, make you mine” should have been left but overall it was a nice listen. The third verse is great too as “two hearts” is repeated in somewhat breathy vocals. However that isn’t a lacking point since it gives a certain playful sexiness to it. The ending of the song is the chorus fading out and I would preferred if the music ended the song since its the strongest element. Two hearts is actually a pretty good song because of the arrangement and the sparkling sounds that keep it interesting. However, without those sounds and keeping the same instrumentation, it would have been a pretty generic song.

WILD SOUL, Changmin’s solo song, is a venture into rock territory. The instrumentation of the song opens up very well but Changmin’s voice crashes in and comes off a bit awkward. Although the boys of Tohoshinki have very strong vocals, Changmin unfortunately did not deliver on this song. During the verses, the song is arranged so that the music temporarily stops every time he says the final word(s) of a line which is a nice effect but doesn’t work well with his voice. Also the way he sings it comes off as being pretty slow, which distrubs the flow. The chorus is too screechy for the song and clashes against the rock flavor of the track. The English lines that he “shouts” (to a presumable audience) is unexpected and awkward. Another problem that the song faces is that even though the song is not too long, it feels like it is. If he chose to sing the song (chorus particularly) in a lower key, this song may have been really strong.

Single Ranking: C +

As the first single of the TRICK project, Two hearts / WILD SOUL, has both its strong points and weak points. Two hearts is a nice track to listen to with a wonderful arrangement but it’s not one of their strongest song. WILD SOUL however was definitely not a smart move. Although the rock attempt was a good change of pace, the vocal performance ruined the song entirely. A lower key could have made it actually quite strong but it came off as screechy and awkward unfortunately. Hopefully the next single will have a little more power behind it.


  1. Nick said,

    Yeah, they definitely made a bad choice as far as solo songs. I didn’t mind Two Hearts, but I thought it was a bit average sounding. I would’ve liked a more unique chorus.

  2. Kittykitt129 said,

    Gah, that key in WILD SOUL made my stomach clinch in a feeling of “AHH, TOO HIGH!”. Granted, I normally say that Changmin has rock-ish vocals, but that song wasn’t working.

    Two Hearts was pretty cute, but normal for Tohoshinki. The twinkle made it work, but it was like most other whispery ‘sexy’ songs they do. Overall, though, I liked it quite a bit.

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