Koda Kumi – LAST ANGEL featuring Tohoshinki [38th Single]

December 30, 2007 at 7:17 am (Koda Kumi) ()


promo.jpgKoda Kumi’s 38th single, entitled LAST ANGEL, was released on 11.07.07. A collaboration with boy-band Tohoshinki, LAST ANGEL is an upbeat track that served as the image song for the Japanese release of the movie Resident Evil: Extinction. It was also used in a music.jp CM. The B-side, entitled Dear Family, is a soft mid-tempo track that works wonders.

The title track, LAST ANGEL, opens with the phrase “Welcome to Nightmare World tonight” with a somewhat haunting atmosphere and then breaks into the pop explosion with “shout a warning, come on tonight.” This track is a wonderful collaboration that introduced me to Tohoshinki. Kumi sings the first verse while the Tohoshinki boys take the second verse, both singing the chorus. Their voices blend quite well and the vocals on all of their parts is well split and strong. At times, some of the vocalists of Tohoshinki take a lead on vocal strength but overall, the mix is even. A great upbeat track worth remembering.

Dear Family is a mid-tempo B-side that is actually A-side material. Kumi’s vocals are smooth throughout the song but a relaxing vibe is achieved during the verses. The hook is memorable as Kumi repeats phrases in English in a more hushed tone [“close my heart” and “dear family, baby”], creating a catchy soft sound. The chorus is one of the best parts as it maintains a small kawaii element that reminds me a sunshine imagery. This is one of Kumi’s best B-sides and puts many others to shame.


The PV for LAST ANGEL features mostly choreography with both Kumi and Tohoshinki although there are some individual scenes, such as Kumi in a room wearing a very long weave. This video is a nice video although I feel there’s some element missing. A story PV would’ve worked better for the song instead of various scenes where the choreography is interrupted by an individual’s scene. However, with the treatment that the PV was given, it is a job very well done.

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  1. irina said,

    i love you hero, max and im verry verry happy!

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