Koda Kumi – 愛のうた [37th Single]

December 29, 2007 at 9:48 am (Koda Kumi)


Koda Kumi’s 37th single, entitled 愛のうた, was released on 09.12.07. The single features the title track, a beautiful ballad about the “fragility of love” and the B-side, the cute pop track “Come Over.” Both songs received tie-ins: 愛のうた was used in a music.jp CM while Come Over was used as the Sekai Judo 2007 theme song.

The title track, 愛のうた, is one of Kumi’s wonderful ballads. The sorrowful atmosphere is clearly defined within the instrumental and lyrics of the song. Lyric-wise, they are relatively simple but in the context of the song, they are very powerful and communicate the emotions that she is feeling. Her vocals on this song are particularly impressive and reflect the loneliness that is propelled by the dreams of love. The instrumental to the song is arranged so well using a climax effect right before the chorus in order to draw attention to it. The true climax of the song is reached right after the instrumental section and before the final chorus. This is when Kumi’s vocals are at her strongest and the emotion touches the heart strings.

Come Over is a pop track about love which holds its own on the single. Upbeat and cheerful, featuring the repeating “I just wanna see you, let’s try.” Relying more on her “kawaii voice,” the song even features cheering during the hook and segways wonderfully into the infectious pop chorus. The verses themselves sound more relaxed in comparison to the rest of the song while maintaining that cuteness. At the final chorus, Kumi gives a little more power to her vocals and the song ends just as it begins, with the hook. The instrumental of the song is sweet, complimenting Kumi well without straying too far into an overdose of kawaii.

The first press bonus of the single is a remix of 愛のうた entitled 愛のうた [URBAN KISS Version]. It doesn’t differ that much from the original except for the piano, which is brought to the forefront of the instrumentation. I prefer the original version much more than this one but the piano truly is beautiful.

   robot.jpg                    ainouta.jpg                       

The accompanying PV for 愛のうた is relatively simple but fits the mood of the song perfectly. It begins with Kumi standing outside of a store watching happy couple pass along. In a dream sequence, she imagines herself with her boyfriend. Noticing a necklace in the window, she points it out to her boyfriend who shakes his head. The PV really shows a story between dreams and reality and the fragility of love, as mentioned. Her emotions are clearly displayed in the PV, especially the scenes where her boyfriend shakes his head in reaction to Kumi’s pointing of a necklace and her tears seem truly real. The rain is a nice touch and the ending is sweet.

 Single Ranking: A

The coupling of the beautifully arranged 愛のうた and pop tune, Come Over, create this great single. The emotions showed on the A-side and the sweetness of the B-side both are very different songs, showing two sides of Kumi, both sung very well.

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